Shawn and the Gibson Family started Gibson exhaust because of their family motorhome. They wanted power and torque, and A LOT more of it! After relentless searching for the right exhaust system and failing to find anything that met their needs, the pair did their studying and decided to hire some engineers and build their own prototype. They set their goals high: a cost-effective system that delivers more performance for the dollar than any other system. One that not only increased horsepower and fuel economy, it expanded the power bands, the engine ran cooler, engine life was not compromised, and the entire system (including installation) was hassle-free. Gibson Performance is the industry’s #1 leading manufacturer of street legal, high performance exhaust systems for trucks, SUV’s, diesel, offroad, and motorhomes. Every Gibson product is designed for hassle free, bolt-on installation with professional looking results. Applications are available in aluminized or stainless steel and remarkably engineered to ignite the maximum performance of the engine. Gibson Performance exhaust systems exceed the performance advantages of all other systems on the market today. They are the industry’s most cost-effective, reliable, and trouble-free power producing exhaust system!