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SEMA 2016 Gibson Performance Exhaust Offerings For UTVs, Trucks

Off Road Xtreme
By David Chick
Posted on Nov 9, 2016

Here we are at SEMA 2016, with bright lights blazing and new products polished and ready to show off. We stopped by the Gibson Performance Exhaust booth to talk with the man himself, Shawn Gibson, and go over the latest products for the UTV and truck markets.

“The off-road market is really heating up right now with some killer vehicles coming out,” said Gibson. “The one vehicle we have been anticipating the most has been the 2017 Ford Raptor. We have a full, three-inch, dual exhaust system with five-inch tips.”

One thing that Gibson has really been trying to nail down for this Raptor system has been the sound. “People have been questioning, ‘What does it sound like?’ and ‘Can it still be a Raptor with a V6? A Raptor should sound like it has a V8,'” explained Gibson. “I’m a Raptor guy, I love V8s, and I love the sound of V8s, so believe me when I say we have done everything to make this system sound amazing.”


The MWA system for the 2017 Raptor features a straight-through design with venturis, which scavenge while driving. This creates a deeper tone at idle, but eliminates droning while at speed for a truly pleasurable exhaust tone.”

For UTVs, the biggest thing to hit the market recently has of course been the Can-Am Maverick X3. We saw firsthand what these machines could do with the recent Battle BROyale, and now Gibson Performance Exhaust is offering a great bit of kit to supplement these side-by-sides.”

“This is a dual system that comes with four-inch stainless steel or black ceramic tips,” said Gibson. “You’ll also find this beauty plate on the back to complement the exhaust system. It’s 100-percent bolt-on and made right here in the USA.”


Hot on the heels of the UTV's release, Gibson Performance Exhaust launched an exhaust system for the Can-Am Maverick X3. This product features a pack-less muffler and the choice of either stainless steel or black ceramic exhaust tips.

Gibson Performance Exhaust had the goods for not just the truck fans, but UTV fans as well. Stay tuned for more fantastic coverage here at the 2016 SEMA Show!